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In Vertech we believe in efficiency
and we are proud to make Vertech a place
where efficiency brings satisfaction

In Vertech all our offices are geared up for the service to our clients. All our team members are working with customers' requirements in mind.

RFQ response
We pride ourselves in our efficiency in dealing with all RFQs. Whenever a request for quote (RFQ) is received, our system is triggered into full action. We aim to reply all RFQ within the same day if it comes in by 16:00PM and we responded more than 90% of all RFQs within the guideline.

Order Processing/Engineer Questions Communications
Our order processing system is as efficient as it can be. Whether it is a sample order or it is a series order, you get the attention of our team right away. All our team members are multi-lingual and well trained. This ensures that we can communicate effectively and efficiently with both our clients and the production line. Engineering questions are handled both professionally and rapidly.

We make sure you get a confirmation of the delivery time within short possible time. Typically you get the confirmation the next day and we ensure that you are always well informed about the progress. For customers with many part number with us, we offer online WIP checking or we provide them with order book report. No panic, no surprise with our clients.

Unless otherwise requested by our clients, we offer 100% DDU/DAP (frei haus) service. Our on time delivery records are supported not only by our promise but also by our long time partner airfreight carrier.


Technical Supports
When there is a technical issue, our team is trained to deal with it in our efficient manner. Dedicated technical hotline is set up for all regular clients. Many of our clients call our QA team members on their mobile and by first name basis. 




Where Efficiency Brings Satisfaction
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