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All our factories are accredited with ISO9002 and for automotive PCB, QS9000 or TS16949 is featured in the quality system. Most of our factories carry ISO14001 to vouch for our commitment to a clean global environment.


With continuous effort to promote quality, we work in partnership with our clients to implement quality system they feel comfortable with. Our factories welcome on site auditing and with important projects we send our QA team to our client’s sites to discuss face to face with our clients.







Our quality assurance system is dominated by its QA department.

Its main features are:

For identifying potential failures, especially for critical design:

★ FMEA (Failure Mode & Effects Analysis)

★ Close interactions with customers, suppliers and partners.


For meeting customers' quality requirement:

★ Reliability tests

★ 100% electrical tests and AOI inspections

For continual quality improvement:
★ SPC (Statistical Process Control)


Advantages created by the system:
★ Stable production quality.
★ Reduced production cost, time and energy.
★ More business opportunity created for customers, suppliers.
★ Long term commitment realized to customers, suppliers and employees.


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