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Vertech (Europe) Limited started life as a dedicated marketing office for Vertex Group in Taiwan.

Started a wider range of PCB manufacturers in Taiwan to cover various technologies.

Moved some of our production sites in China to achieve tremendous cost savings for our clients for our clients.
Flexible PCB capabilities were added to the portfolio, both in Taiwan and China.

Not only produce rigid and flexible boards, we also extended the board range to rigid-flex boards.

Introduced heavy copper for automotive, backplane for telecommunication, HDI and gold wire bonding.


Lin Horn Technology, a leading Taiwanese PCB manufacturing company with production sites in Taiwan and China, becomes a member of Vertech PCB group.


With our sales department in the UK, we are able to offer services to our European clients with no time zone.  Our team members are proud to be efficient and meticulous in each job assigned.


We have a full-fledged team, featuring marketing, logistics, technical support and finance functions. Our specialty is to offer a total solution to your supply chain management. Efficiency, quality product and cost effectiveness are the backbone of our company.


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